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The Virtual Call Centre Network provides a call answering service for small businesses that will help you to always be there for your customers, help your business to be way more efficient, and allow you to grow your client base. Keep reading this article to find out more!

As a small business owner, the success of your business largely depends on providing outstanding service to your customers. Excellent customer service promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your customers will also be more likely to refer other people to your business. All of this starts when you are available to answer that first call.

The problem is if you are a sole trader or only have a small team you might find it difficult to always be available to answer when the phone rings. Fortunately The Virtual Call Centre Network provides answering services for small businesses that can handle your phone calls and help you make a great impression on each call.

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How Our Call Center Services Support Small Businesses.

Our live call answering services can help your business in many ways. We have a team that can handle your incoming calls and can provide the following key benefits;


Having numerous inbound calls into your business means you have an influx of customers. However, spending the bulk of your time attending to these customers can have a negative impact on other parts of your business.

We know that customers do not respond well when greeted by an automated answering service which is why every call is handled by a member of our live team of experienced agents. Our team answers all your calls, schedules meetings, and passes all information across to you. This allows you to prioritize your workload and focus on the most important aspects of your business.


A live answering service can help you streamline your communication process and reduce expenses. Instead of hiring a new staff, you outsource your phone calls to us.

This way, you can save money on hiring and training new staff and also minimize the rate of missed phone calls and opportunities. 

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Increased Sales

Regardless of the service you offer, all businesses depend on sales to stay afloat. Fortunately, with our professional answering service, you can maximize your sales and revenue.

Whenever your potential and existing customers call, their first point of contact is us. Our trained virtual receptionists will answer your calls and can create a professional and positive impression on your clients. 

Consequently, it is easier to convert leads into paying customers. 

In addition, the Virtual Call Center can also help you capture leads by providing your prospects with critical information about your products and services.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers are crucial to the success of your business. You need to build trust with your customers and make them feel important to you. Fortunately, with active communication, you can improve client relationships with a call-answering service. 

Our professional answering service can pick up your calls, schedule appointments, and take down messages. This helps your customers feel heard, promoting satisfaction.

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Improved Productivity 

As a business owner, you have several tasks to juggle to keep your business running. This may impact the time you spend answering customer calls and the quality of your service. 

However, with our call center, you don’t have to deal with inbound calls. Our service does that for you. As a result, you get extra time to focus on other aspects of your business and increase your productivity. 

Competitive Advantage 

Depending on the industry that you serve you may be surpised by the number of businesses who either let calls go to voicemail or who totally miss calls altogher. This is espeacially the case within home services. It might sound like a stereo type but contractors are NOTORIOUS for missing and not returning calls so by simply having someone always available to pick up the phone you can put yourself a step ahead of many of your competitors.

A call-answering service like that provided by The Virtual Call Centre Network can give small business owners a competitive advantage simply by answering your calls promptly and professionally, the service eliminates missed calls. We also answer your customers using a customized script and call flow so your customers will never need to know that they are speaking to a call center.

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Lead Capturing

Lead capture is an integral part of generating business revenue. As a small business owner, generating and converting leads at a low cost will improve your return on ad spend. The Virtual Call Centre Network provides the best answering services for small businesses and can significantly improve your lead conversion rates.

Customers Hate Leaving Voicemails

Although some clients leave a voicemail, only a tiny fraction of them do so. Also, even if they do leave a message, you may have missed attending to them at their most opportune moment.

Fortunately, with our answering service for small business owners, you don’t have to miss your clients’ calls or lose them to your competition. Your customers will also feel important to you and are more likely to refer your business.

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Personalized Service 

Using a robotic and mechanized answering machine will not do much for your business. Many customers are weary of speaking to a machine, and they would rather hang up the call than leave a message. 

However, with our highly-trained virtual receptionists, your customers can speak directly to a human. This makes them feel more welcome, and they are likely to respond more warmly. With our personalized service, you are also more likely to have engaged and returning customers. 

Around-the-Clock Service

Virtual receptionist services are available after business hours and around the clock to attend to your exisiting and potential new customers. This way your business can provide a great service even and help to boost profit even if you are sleeping or on vacation when the call comes in.

Enhanced Brand Image

The quality of service you offer impacts how your customers see and interact with your business. With our professional answering service, your customers can rest assured that they can call you at any time if they have questions or issues regarding your products and services.

In addition, our call-answering service team is highly trained and empathetic and are always patient when talking to customers thus improving your business’ image

Workload Prioritization 

We understand that as a business owner or manager you juggle numerous responsibilities the problem is every time you miss a call you could be missing out on a potential sale or revenue for your business. Utilising the services provided by The Virtual Call Centre Network allows you to focus on other aspects of your business whilst having the peace of mind that you are not missing out on any potential opportunities. 

Appointment Scheduling

As well as answering your your calls and taking your messages our agents can also schedule appointments, quotes and visits. If you provide us access with to your scheduling tool we can book in your appointments so that you can simply go out and quote the job.

By having access to your calendar we can ensure there are no clashes, ensure that reminders are sent and can also handle any cancellations calls if needed too.

Effective Message Forwarding

Our virtual receptionist service securely stores your messages and provides instant message notifications and delivey ensuring you can immediately respond to any requests client requests. When a call comes in each message is accurately transcribed and the message will be forwarded to you either by email or sms.

No Contract

At The Virtual Call Centre Network we don’t ask business owners to sign a long contract in order to utilize our live answering service. If you decide that our service is no longer right for you we simply need you to provide us with 30 days notice, however our average client stays with us for atleast 2 years as they soon see immense value in the service we provide.

Payments are also affordable. You only pay for the time that our virtual receptionists spend on the phone with your customers. 

Unique Features Of A Call Answering Service For Small Business

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Professionally Virtual Receptionists

The quality of service a call center offers will depend on the quality of its receptionists. Our professional answering services for small businesses have trained operators who regularly assessed for call quality, and accuracy of notation.

Furthermore, you can count on our professionals to manage your customer queries effectively, set appointments, offer calendar management, and call transfers. The nature of the service extends to message-taking and chat services and they even use custom call scripts when talking to your customers. 

Customized Answering Services

Answering services for small businesses understand that your business has unique needs so there might be times when you don’t need our service but then you might just want a back up option for times when your team gets busy. The great thing about our service is that you can simply divert your calls to us at any time whenever, you may need the answering service to handle your calls. There may be certain times that are your peak hours, it might be the case that you just wish to utilize our service after hours or you may indeed need a full-time virtual receptionist. Regardless of your needs, we can tailor our call center offering to suit the needs of your business.

Whenever we answer a call on behalf of your business our team will use your custom script or call flow that mimics your brand language and tone. This improves the uniformity of service we deliver to all your customers at all times. 

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Dedicated Phone Number

A telephone answering service does more than just answer your calls. We work as an extension of your office and project a professional image to your prospects and customers. 

As well as providng you with an answering service we can also provide you with toll free and vanity numbers to use on your marketing campaigns and materials.

Data Tracking

Data can offer insights and help you identify patterns to make informed business decisions. Our virtual call center collects data, including call duration, caller information, and provides call recordings for each call. You will also be able to identify the peak periods that customers tend to call and how fast a customer’s issues are resolved on the first call.

You can use this information to track your call flows and improve your customer service and operational efficiency.

After-hours Call Service

It is important that your business accounts for customers who may be unable to contact you during usual office hours. Having a system in place that takes calls after regular business hours can ensure you don’t lose these customers.

At The Virtual Call Centre Network, we offer 24/7 availabality to handle calls or enquiries that come in after-hours.

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Excellent Customer Support

It goes without saying that your customers are the lifeblood of your business a business which is why you always want to do your best to look after them. Poor customer service can result in the loss of both existing and potential customers.

Fortunately, our efficient live answering service has a responsive team offering automated answering and expert assistance to your clients. We are also proactive and if given the relavant information we are happy to address any concerns that may arise.

Value For Money

There is ofcourse a cost to set up your live answering service but that cost is a fraction of what it would cost you to hire an in-house receptionist

Further more with an in-house receptionist you need to factor in the additional investment of time spent on training trying to get that person up to speed. Then when they eventually leave you need to factor in repeating the process with their replacement. With The Virtual Call Centre Network you only need to go through things with us once then moving forward we take care of training additional agents if and when needed.

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What Types of Business Can Benefit from a Business Answering Service?

virtual receptionist service is beneficial for all types of businesses. This service works as an extension of your business, ensuring you are available to your customers at all times. 

Here are examples of how different types of business can benefit from call-answering services.

Painters, Decorators, Home Services and Contractors

Contractors tend to spend most of their day working in the field. If you are a Plumber you may be unable to answer calls promptly. Also when calls keep coming in this may cause disctation from other aspect of managing your business. With a call answering service, you can focus on delivering your best service to your clients while we handle your calls. 

Let us answer the call so you can focus on building your business!

E-Commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses constantly deal with a high volume of inquiries about product details, order status, returns, and every step of e-commerce delivery. For better customer loyalty and referrals, it is essential to answer these inquiries promptly and efficiently.

A call-answering service can help your e-commerce business. By answering calls and inquiries, you can focus on fulfilling orders.

Our service can assist in a variety of ways and can also assist with taking orders. Some customers prefer making orders over the phone instead of ordering online our service can provide an additional channel for handling inbound revenue.

Healthcare Providers

Patients are always trying to reach their healthcare providers to schedule appointments and inquire about test results and prescriptions. The Virtual Call Centre Network provides the best answering services to help you handle call volumes promptly and professionally. 

Our service can schedule appointments, point callers in the direction of correct medical advice all while keeping sensitive information confidential.

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Real Estate Agencies

For Realtors a call could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in commission. Missing calls can lead to missed opportunities and can have a significant impact on revenue. But with a phone answering service, you can pick up your customers’ calls promptly. 

The Virtual Call Centre Network can help to schedule property viewings and to let you focus your time on other important tasks and service quality.

Restaurants and Catering Services

Our small business answering services can help a restaurant manage a high volume of orders. We can also answer queries about the menu and handle your reservations for a better customer experience. In addition, the service we provide can handle inquiries such as menu options, pricing, and event catering.

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What To Look Out For When Hiring A Phone Answering Service?

When choosing a live receptionist service, you need to consider a few factors before coming to a final decision.


When comparing customer support services, always consider the cost. You should also read the fine print to find out if there are setup or cancellation fees or if you will be charged per minute or per call.

At the Virtual Call Centre Network, we only charge you for the number of minutes our call agents spend on the phone with your customers. Also, you can always cancel your subscription at any time we dont believe in tying up our clients with a long contract.

Operating Hours

The nature of your business and the clients you serve will determine the best type of service for your business. If your customers need help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then it is best to look for an answering service that offers a 24-hour service. In addition, an around-the-clock service would be best for your business if you have customers in different time zones or who might have an urgent need for your service.

The Virtual Call Centre Network offers a round-the-clock service to cater to your customers whenever they call. Our team ensures that you never miss calls and messages are always taken down accurately.

Phone Call Recording and Basic Message Taking

The best answering services record phone calls for easy referencing and tracking. When choosing a service, always consider if it has this feature. It can go a long way in helping your business espeacially in the case of desputes. The specialty answering service should also be able to take messages and pass them across to you accurately.

CRM Integrations

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that helps your team work faster and more efficiently. If you are working with a call centre they should have the ability to seamlessly integrate with your CRM for better workflow. 

The Virtual Call Centre Network can provide integration with your existing CRM for better work management and communication.

Industry Experience

All industries have specific terminology. You should consider hiring a specialty answering service well-versed in your industry verbage. This would help the service provide a personalized experience to boost your customers’ satisfaction. 

Our team of virtual receptionists is vast across industries, especially small businesses. Therefore, when your customers call us, we can always answer their questions efficiently.

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Sound Quality

Background noise in a call center can heavily impact your customer’s experience. It can also affect clear communication and the quality of the call. 

When choosing live receptionist services for your business, it is best to test the sound quality of the call centre you are working with to ensure there are no disruptive noises. The best-answering service uses a high-quality noise cancellation system. 

The Virtual Call Centre Network uses an efficient sound system to eliminate background noise and ensure that all calls remain crystal clear.

Call Answering Service for Small Business

How Does a Phone Answering Service Work?

Working with a phone answering service is quite straightforward. When you reach out to us, we will discuss your customers and business goals. This helps us to create call flows and personalized scripts to give your clients the best experience.

The next step is to reach out to your service provider to route calls to us. So, whenever your customers call, we handle the call and take down messages. These messages are then passed across to you via your preferred channel communication channel.

How Does a Phone Answering Service Work?

Working with a phone answering service is quite straightforward. When you reach out to us, we will discuss your customers and business goals. This helps us to create call flows and personalized scripts to give your clients the best experience.

The next step is to reach out to your service provider to route calls to us. So, whenever your customers call, we handle the call and take down messages. These messages are then passed across to you via your preferred channel communication channel. 


Reach Out For Your Small Business Answering Service!

After considering all the benefits of a phone answering service, hopefully you can see that this isa service that can increase your revenue and improve your brand image. Virtual receptionist services can also enhance customer satisfaction and improve communication.

The next step is to find out how you can work with the best answering services and incorporate it into your business. Fortunately, doing this is quite straightforward. All you need to do is book a call with a team member at the Virtual Call Centre Network. Our team will discuss your business and how you want your calls to be answered.

We have excellent sound quality, integrate into your CRM, and record incoming calls. Our team is also excellent at message takingcall answering, and live chat solutions. We operate round the clock and will also come up with interactive voice responses and a customized script to give a personal touch to all your calls and convert your prospective clients to paying clients. Our highly trained call-answering agents are more than capable of taking your calls.

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“This article was written by Jillian Schwieterman, Client Outreach Specialist at The Virtual Call Centre Network.”

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