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In this article you are going to find out how our legal intake call center can make your law firm way more efficient, saving you time, saving you money whilst at the same time helping you to significantly grow your client base and grow your revenues!

When a prospective or existing client calls your law firm either during the day or after hours, they expect a response. If you run a law firm you probably you must always have a proffessional team of receptionists manning the phone.

The Virtual Call Centre Network is a legal intake call center that handles calls on behalf of law firms in the US and Canada. Our agents are highly trained intake specialists who answer phones for law firms and attorneys like yours around the clock.

Besides handling your phone calls, there are lots of other reasons why law firms should consider a service like ours. Let’s dive into them.

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The Benefits of Legal Intake Services

Legal intake call centers offer many benefits for your business, including the following;

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1. Improved Customer Service

The Virtual Call Centre Network legal intake call center can significantly improve the level of customer service you provide to both your existing and prospective clients. With round-the-clock service, our call center agents pick up calls promptly and handles message taking in a way that will help make your law firms systems work most efficiently.

2. Workload Prioritization

Picking calls and scheduling meetings can be quite tasking, especially for you and your team and not having the correct systems in place can mean that you miss out on potential clients and revenue for your business.

The legal intake call center service we provide can take your calls, make appointments, and schedule your meetings. This frees up hours for you and your team to focus on other essential tasks.

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3. Lead Retention and Conversion

Your advertising efforts help you generate leads. When your marketing is working effectively the next priority should be to respond quickly to every call. espeacially as each lead could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.


4. Improved ROI

The purpose of advertising is to retain more paying clients but you cant do this if your prospective and existing clients can’t get through to you. With The Virtual Call Centre Network acting as your legal intake team we can ensure that your calls are answered promptly and every potential client is attended to regardless of when a call comes in, not only improving conversion rates but also improving the ROI on ad spend.


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5. Lower Marketing Costs

When you run ads that focus on specific keywords, bidding and marketing campaigns can be quite expensive. This is because your competitors are also advertising and bidding on the exact keywords and audiences. However, with The Virtual Call Centre Network you can provide 24/7 customer service, you can run ads at times when less of your competitors are bidding on keywords and audiences in turn, lowering your marketing costs all by having our call center system in place.


6. Access to a Dedicated Team

If you currently have people in your team multi-tasking and dealing with inbound calls to your law firm, this can significantly reduce conversions which will be having a significant impact on service and revenue. This is why it is important to have a dedicated team answering incoming calls.

Having a legal call center in place dedicated only to picking up calls for your business can be a game changer. A legal intake call center consists of trained staff dedicated to picking up and answering calls on behalf of your law firm. 

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7. Stopping Shopping 

Having an answering service in place stops your clients from shopping around for other legal services. When potential clients need help they tend to call multiple legal firms until they manage to get through to one that answer proffessionally is attentive to their needs and feels like a good fit. Utilising our answering services can prevent callers from having to call one of your competitors.

We also make it clear to your clients what is happening next so they understand your process, are more invested in your service and are more likely to wait for one of your specialists to call.

8. Enhanced Client Experience and Satisfaction

You never know the circumstances of your new clients, until you pick up their calls. Some clients may be extremely upset, distressed, or scared, depending on their circumstances. Your new client also may need urgent help after hours, especially if you deal with criminal law or DUIs

Your customer service team is usually the first contact these clients have with your business. Having an efficient service that provides the best possible service to your customers when they call you for the first time can increase satisfaction. It also provides an excellent customer experience.

9. Personalized Service

When a legal intake call center answers your calls, we answer in the name of your law firm. This personalized attorney answering service helps your clients feel like they are talking to your law firm when they make that first call.

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10. Service Integration

If your organization uses a CRM, our legal intake call center can integrate into your system. This helps to improve the quality of services. All calls are answered quickly, captured, and recorded.

11. Increased Revenue

A legal call intake service helps with efficient delivery of service and streamlining your processes. By having the correct systems in place, you can save time and money. These are crucial in helping your revenue and firm grow.

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12. Web Responses, Live Chat and Text Services

A virtual receptionist can do more than just pick up calls. Sometimes, a prospective client may want to reach out to law firm via other channels like texts, live chats, and the web. Legal intake specialists are well-equipped to handle the intake process across several channels.

13. Track Important Data

Tracking important data is another crucial part of legal intake services. Your legal intake process team can answer calls, reply to texts, and track customer data. You can then make use of this information to make outbound calls and convert more customers.

14. Improved brand perception

Whenever your potential clients call, a receptionist readily picks up the call and answers professionally to create a great first impression with your new clients. Our virtual receptionists work across multiple practice areas always providing exceptional answering service to your potential clients. Our legal intake specialists will also work with scripts customized to your law firm.

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How Does Legal Intake Services Work?

The modus operandi of our service is quite straightforward. Your customers do not need to know that you are using a legal call center to answer their calls. Our service is efficient and professional. We also use personalized greetings to answer your calls.

The first step in hiring a legal call intake service is to speak with a member of our team to help us understand your business, legal terminology, and how you want us to handle your calls. Afterward, you will contact your telephone service provider and have them divert your calls to us.

We can then schedule appointments, answer your calls, and take messages. Our receptionists will pass all information across to you via mail or SMS. You can also request for calls to be transferred to you directly.

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Ready to Find out What Partnering with Legal Intake Professionals Can Do for Your firm?

The Virtual Call Centre Network handles thousands of calls every day on behalf of businesses, attorneys, and law firms just like yours. Our legal intake professionals can help you retain and convert qualified leads and increase your business revenue. .

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“This article was written by Jillian Schwieterman, Client Outreach Specialist at The Virtual Call Centre Network.”

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