Benefits of Outsourced Call Centre Services For Your Business

Benefits of Outsourced Call Centre Services For Your Business

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One significant benefit of modern technology is that companies can outsource their non-core functions, even to an offshore location. Outsourcing brings in the expertise needed at a lower cost, plus you can focus on the key competencies of your business. Having an internal customer service desk requires investments in equipment, facilities, technology and staff, plus you have to add more for staff training and the department’s operations.

Other reasons why businesses outsource their customer service function include extending their multilingual proficiency and when entering a new market. Outsourcing your customer service comes with various benefits to your company as well as the customers. Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing call centre services.

Focus on Core Responsibilities

Outsourcing your call centre enables your business to focus on the core functions like production, sales and distribution, which will lead to better productivity and increased revenues. Too many tasks that are beyond a company’s operations capability can lead to lower outputs due to the high number of responsibilities for the staff, or the employees can lose focus on the essential functions and put more effort on the less critical tasks.

Improved Costs

Outsourcing your call centre lowers your internal overhead costs by eliminating the need for hiring staff and purchasing the needed equipment. The cost of outsourcing customer service is cheaper because the call centres spread their costs across their many clients. Their employees also serve multiple clients, hence reducing the idle time to offer lower cost-per-call rates.

24/7 Customer Support

Your business is better positioned if you can serve your customer at any day and any time, especially if you have customers from other regions with different time zones. Unlike a physical location where you have to open and close at specific times, external service providers can provide their services both at day and night as they can have workers on different time shifts or make use of work from home agents. Around the clock customer service improves customer satisfaction due to the elimination of delays in response times.

Access to the Latest Technology

Hiring an outsourced call centre is one way of ensuring that your business is using the latest technology without bearing its cost. Outsourcers can invest heavily in technology and research to improve their efficiency in multichannel customer contact as it is their core function. In-house call centres may not enjoy the latest call centre technology due to the high cost, but the outsourcers can spread the cost across their clients, making it affordable.

Expert Work Force

Outsourced call service providers are specialists in this sector, plus they ensure that they have hired the best staff with years of experience in the field. Unlike in-house call centres employees, the outsourced call agents undergo regular training to gain the skills needed for top-tier services. The outsourcers also can come up with tailor-made services for your business because they can easily understand your business objectives and your customers’ expectations.

Ability to Predict Your Call Volumes

In-house customer service desks may not correctly predict call volumes during peak periods, and this can lead to unpreparedness to deal with such situations. Outsourced call centre services providers have the expertise, experience and technology needed to accurately forecast call volumes using their pat experiences and other available statistics. Proper forecasting helps in ensuring that you have all the required resources to help you handle the calls quickly and efficiently.

Hiring more staff for your in-house call centre to increase efficiency is expensive as you will pay them during slow periods when they are idle. Outsourcers, on the other hand, have enough staff to serve any number of calls, given that different companies have different peak times.

Easier International Expansion

International expansion is beneficial in expanding your customer base, but it comes with challenges such as language barrier. Expanding to foreign markets with in-house customer service is a challenge because your staff may not have the needed understanding of foreign languages. Call centres, on the other hand, ensure that they have a diverse staff from different regions and cultural background as they are aware of such challenges. This means that a call centre can effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds and offer excellent customer service without accent or fluency problems.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A professional call centre has all it takes to ensure that your customers always get a good impression of your company and feels appreciated. These companies have enough staff to manage different communication channels, improve response time and eliminate call abandonment. The team are also talented customer service experts who will always represent your business professionally and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction increases the word of mouth advertisement because satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your services to others. Dissatisfied customers will also spread their dissatisfaction news to others.

Specialised Industry Knowledge

Outsourced call centre service providers have the experience and knowledge needed to provide services to different types of industries. The top management in these companies will provide valuable insights and use proven strategies. Such skills only come with the proper training and years of experience that you may not find in an in-house customer service department. Call centres also use advanced technologies and analytics to improve the quality of their customer service continually.

Data Collection and Analysis

Apart from saving on cost, hiring an external call centre helps in converting call data into actionable insights. Outsourced call centres understand the importance of the information they receive from customers and the call data and can present it in a form that can help you improve your processes for better customer satisfaction. The agents understand that the best way to improve customer experience is by anticipating their needs and this is only possible through real-time reporting and improved client control over the data received.

Quality Monitoring and Control

It is the role of the outsourced call centre services provider is to ensure that all calls and other communication channels’ messages are handled professionally. The best way to measure the quality of service offered by a call centre is by monitoring their adherence to the outsourcing service level agreements (SLAs) on answer time and first call resolution. The call centres have performance assessment and monitoring tools accompanied by continuous improvement strategies to ensure that SLAs are met. Such monitoring resources and expertise, as well as performance improvement plans, may not be available in in-house calls.

Access to Multiple Digital Engagement Platforms

Customers nowadays are looking for companies with multiple communication platforms to avoid the challenges of phone calls, especially if they are dealing with an international company. Call centres today provide several engagement mediums such as email, webchat, social media, SMS, Smartphone applications and many more. Most companies are now preferring external service providers because such a holistic approach require more staff than what most in-house customer service can manage.

Eliminates the Need for Additional Employee Training

Having an In-house customer service desk requires you to budget for the expenses of training the employees on how to take care of the customer. Outsourcing the customer service function helps your business save the funds that you would set aside for trainings. Outsourcing means that you have transferred the training responsibility to the call centre, thus avoiding the cost. Companies that avoid having a customer service department by training all staff on how to handle customers will eliminate the need to train new hires. New hires will get to work immediately, and the current employees will spend less time on non-core tasks.