Call Center Outsourcing Services From The Virtual Call Centre Network

Call Center Outsourcing Services From The Virtual Call Centre Network

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There are many advantages to be gained when choosing to outsource your call centre services. Reduced costs, increased efficiency and a more effective use of resources are just a few of the significant benefits. The Virtual Call Centre Network is an established provider of call center outsourcing services. We offer a convenient, comprehensive service that can easily be integrated into your business structure, regardless of its size, enabling you to add real value to your customer care initiatives.

An Affordable System

By using our provider service to outsource your call centre activities, you have immediate access to an established virtual network that is streamlined, efficient and affordable. Through working with our customer service agents who operate remotely from their own homes, there is a considerable reduction in your running costs when compared to a centralised bricks and mortar service. In addition, you avoid the large financial investment that is required when renting office space and providing your premises with computer equipment, software and security. With The Virtual Call Centre Network you have everything you need, from the latest technology to experienced staff, to provide enhanced customer services at a cost-effective price. Connecting to our virtual network is quick and easy. The process can usually be completed within a few days, causing minimal disruption to your business.

Scalable and Customised

The services of The Virtual Call Centre Network can be tailored to suit your particular business model whatever its size or structure. Large companies can benefit from widespread, regional resources that may not have been realistically achievable with multiple physical call centres. Small companies can benefit enormously from our network. Many small scale businesses with limited resources find it impossible to invest in an integral call centre, but by choosing our virtual services, even a sole trader can provide customer care. Our services are entirely scalable, adapting to the particular circumstances of your business. It is an affordable, flexible system that is based on a pay as you go format with an incremental, tiered structure. It enables you to only pay for what you use.

Efficient Use of Resources

Using our virtual services enables you to make the most of the resources within your business. We provide you with access to experienced call centre agents, saving you the expense and time it would usually take to provide lengthy in house training programmes of your own. Many call centres in a geographic location experience fluctuating levels of demand throughout the day often making it difficult to calculate how many agents are needed to justify the expense of providing the service. Even individual shifts can frequently include hours where there are very few calls to answer. By choosing our virtual network, your resources are far more effectively used with agents only being paid to represent you when a call is actually made.


A significant advantage of using The Virtual Call Centre Network is its accessibility. We can ensure your customer services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week throughout the entire year. Many businesses find it difficult to provide that level of service in a bricks and mortar call centre. The smooth operation of any geographically located centre can occasionally be interrupted through equipment failure, technical issues, power cuts, fire or ongoing maintenance of the building itself. Our virtual network is not confined to one specific location. We have agents based in many different regions, ensuring that your customer services are constantly accessible to multiple representatives. It is a flexible system that puts the welfare of your customers first.

Improved Productivity

When you decide to use call center outsourcing services, your entire business structure can benefit. Our virtual network provides a highly organised, efficient system for your customer care programme that enables you to concentrate on the other areas of your business that might be in need of your undivided attention. It allows you to devote more time to managing your business more effectively. It also releases your workforce from the responsibilities of answering calls and allows them to transfer to more productive duties. Research indicates that companies who change to outsourcing their customer services find their productivity levels often increase by as much as 33%, improving the possibility of expansion and investment.

Integrated Project Management

Choosing The Virtual Call Centre Network for your customer service initiatives can help you to fulfil your aims in providing the highest level of support. You have access to our experienced project managers who can ensure the specific virtual network requirements of your business are catered for whether you are a new start up or a large, established company. Virtual call centre agents can effortlessly alternate between both inbound and outbound calls, ensuring that your customer services and promotional business strategies have the best opportunity of reaching their potential.

Omni Channel Support

The majority of customers still prefer to use the telephone as the most direct way of being sure of immediate attention and assistance. However, many of today’s customers look for flexibility and easy access through a channel that suits their circumstances at the time of needing help. Being able to offer a range of channels such as live web chat, e-mail and text messaging is obviously a beneficial strategy for your business. Our virtual call centre network can offer a range of contact channels to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business through an enhanced customer experience.

Superior Agent Efficiency

Due to our large pool of remote agents who are highly experienced in many aspects of customer support, we can provide virtual call services that are more effective through being targeted to match particular queries or problems. Agents with a specific knowledge of your particular industry or brand can be accessed by your customers to provide a superior level of support. Issues can range from sorting out a lost order to explaining the instructions in a product manual. Our network can provide highly professional agents who are knowledgeable and efficient and have the experience to deal effectively with even the most difficult customers.

Customer and Agent Satisfaction

It is an acknowledged fact that agents working remotely from home are able to find a more satisfactory balance in their own daily lives. More than 60% of home workers find their roles enjoyable and fulfilling. Without the pressures and expense of commuting, agents are generally more relaxed and cheerful leading to enhanced abilities when dealing with calls from your customers. As the immediate representatives of your business, their polite, friendly attitudes and positive enthusiasm can only serve to enhance your company’s image and reputation.

The Virtual Call Centre Network

There are many benefits to be gained when you choose call center outsourcing services from The Virtual Call Centre Network. As an established provider, we can ensure that your business has a professional customer care service that you and your customers can always rely on. Our network is ideal for businesses of any size, in any industry and can offer the ultimate in flexibility and twenty-four hour support. Our services can easily be customised to integrate with your existing business structure. Setting up your own integral call centre can often be an expense that is beyond most business budgets and maintaining an existing one can be an inefficient waste of resources. By using The Virtual Call Centre Network, you can save money, improve your business productivity and increase the reputation of your company. And with our flexible, tiered payment structure, you will only ever pay for the amount of customer support our agents have directly supplied on behalf of your business.