Certification Equipment Checklist.

Certification Equipment Checklist.

Now that you have registered onto our clients platform and you have passed your assessments you will need to make sure you have everything in place in time for when your client certification begins.

Please ensure you have everything you need before your certification start date.

1.USB Headset with built in microphone – you will need this in order to participate in your chosen client certification/training. CLICK HERE to order.

2. Call Centre dial pad & headset. CLICK HERE to order.

3. An ASD is a self-contained Operating System that temporarily replaces your current operating system while you are servicing your client. If your chosen client requires you to have an ASD you will need to ensure you have a USB stick in order to download and use the required application, please note that your USB stick should be no larger than 32GB in capacity. CLICK HERE to order.

4. Whilst in training and servicing clients your PC/Laptop needs to be hard wired into your broadband router. If you router is not in the same room that you are planning to work from you will need an Ethernet cable long enough to connect your computer to the router. Before ordering your cable please be sure to measure the distance between your router and where your computer will be located to ensure you order the correct cable length CLICK HERE to order.

5. Whilst servicing your clients you will need your telephone headset to be connected to your landline telephone socket. If your landline telephone socket is not in the same room that you are planning to work from you will need a telephone extension cable that is long enough to reach from the socket to your desk. Before ordering your extension cable please be sure to measure the distance between the telephone socket and your desk. CLICK HERE to order.

Additional Useful Items

The following items are not absolutely essential but most people find them to be really quite handy items to have in place whilst servicing.

6. Whilst servicing you will find that there are certain documents or sheets of paper that will be useful to have in front of you at all times. These document holders are perfect for holding up your call flow structure sheets. There are various ones on the market but we suggest these ones as they are pretty heavy duty and don’t fall over all the time like others we have tested. CLICK HERE to order.

7. This display book is great for organising your notes, documents and resources that you might need to have quick access to whilst You are on the phone. CLICK HERE to order.