Arise Virtual Solutions UK – The Pros & Cons

Arise Virtual Solutions UK – The Pros & Cons

Arise Virtual Solutions UK – The Pros & Cons

If you have come across this article it’s probably because you have been looking online for a job that allows you to work from home and you’ve come across Arise Virtual Solutions UK. At this point you are probably weighing up whether or not the opportunity is going to be right for you. As with most opportunities there are pro’s and cons and working on the Arise Virtual Solutions platform is no different so in this article we go over some of these to help you to decide if this will be the right opportunity for you.

The Pros

  • You get to work from the comfort of your own home which means you don’t have to deal with the daily commute, no more sitting in traffic, no more waiting for overcrowded trains and busses.
  •  As you would be working from home and not having to deal with the daily commute you will find that you save a lot of time which can be spent with your family and or doing things you enjoy.
  • Since you are working from home you save a lot of money because you no longer have to pay for travel and you also don’t have to spend money eating out and you don’t have to spend money on maintaining a wardrobe that is suitable for your work environment.
  • When working on the Arise Virtual Solutions UK platform you have the flexibility to choose your own working hours in 30 minute blocks so it is entirely up to you which days you work and what hours you work on those day. This is ideal for people with other commitments such as family commitments or for those who are studying at university.
  • You are not limited to working for just one client. If you wanted to work with two, three or more clients you can do just that as long as you have the time to do the minimum amount of time required for each client. This means you can have variety in the work you are doing so if you get a bit bored with the client you are on you can always do something new.
  • You don’t have a manager watching over you! Now you do of course have a KPI’s and metrics that you need to meet however as long as you do your job and meet your metrics you are free to work in anyway that suits you

The Cons – (The negatives)

When working on the Arise platform you do so on a self employed basis as an independent contractor.

  • The first downside of being an independent contractor is that you don’t receive benefits like holiday pay and sick pay you do not receive paid breaks work breaks during the day.
  • As an independent contractor you are responsible for providing your own tools and are also responsible for the costs of your own training. Training on the Arise platform costs in the region of £30.
  • You do not get paid for the time you spend in training. Most training courses on the Arise platform last anything from 2 – 4 weeks and you are not paid for this time.

As with all opportunities there are pros and con’s and we believe that Arise Virtual Solutions UK is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a flexible way to work from home however it is important that you have a full understanding of what is involved.

If you would like more information on this opportunity simply CLICK HERE to fill out our initial application form. We’ll contact you within 5 days if your application is successful.