Let us Answer Your Phone Calls

So You Never Miss an Opportunity

Our call handling agents are on hand to ensure your business never misses a call; your customers are always spoken to professionally (by a human), so that you never miss an opportunity!

Find out How Your Business Can Benefit from Partnering with

Save Money

Save Money

Employing a full-time entry-level receptionist can entail significant costs, including wages of around £15,000-£20,000 per year in the UK or $20,000-$25,000 per year in the US, in addition to insurance and benefits. However, with The Virtual Call Centre Network, you only pay for the minutes our receptionists spend on the phone assisting your customers, offering a significantly more cost-effective solution.

Save Time

Spending time on the phone takes you away from managing your business and providing great service to your customers. The Virtual Call Centre Network allows you to spend less time on the phone and more time growing your business.

Your Customers Speak with a Human Every Time

Research has shown that just 20% of people will leave a voicemail if someone is unable to take their call. This means that you could be missing out on 80% of leads that are generated by your marketing efforts. All of our agents are humans, native English speakers and proficiency tested for spelling, grammar and typing speed to ensure that all messages are taken accurately and efficiently.

We Grow With Your Business

If you are a smaller business you may not need a full time or even part time member of staff you may simply need someone to be there every time your phone rings and if this is the case we have you covered. On the other hand you might be planning a national media campaign and if that’s the case we’re ready to handle that too!

We Can Integrate With Your Systems

The Virtual Call Centre Network not only handles calls, but we can also provide seamless integration with many CRM systems which means that we can arrange for your leads to be delivered straight into the database tool used by your sales team.

Getting Started.

The process to getting started with The Virtual Call Centre Network is extremely simple and can be summed up in 5 simple steps.

Every time your business misses a call, you could be missing the opportunity to win a new customer and you also miss the opportunity to make a great impression. The Virtual Call Centre Network is here to make sure you don’t miss any more opportunities.


Why should I choose The Virtual Call Centre Network?
Every missed call represents a missed opportunity. 80% of callers hang up when they encounter voicemail, and 100% disconnect when faced with an engaged tone. The Virtual Call Centre Network ensures that every call counts, avoiding missed opportunities and presenting your business in the best light.
How can The Virtual Call Centre Network support my business if I don’t have an office?
Consider us your “virtual receptionist,” “switchboard,” “marketing department,” or “customer service department.” We seamlessly handle your calls, and callers remain unaware that some or all calls are redirected to us.
What's the process to get started with The Virtual Call Centre Network?
Simply give us a call, allowing us to understand your business, its offerings, and key stakeholders. We’ll provide you with a unique phone number to publicize or divert your current number to. Diverting calls is easy, and all phone providers offer this service.
Can I control when my calls are diverted to The Virtual Call Centre Network?
Absolutely. You decide whether to divert all calls, unanswered calls after 10 seconds, or calls during busy periods. You have the flexibility to divert and un-divert calls as many times as needed throughout the day.
What are The Virtual Call Centre Network's operating hours?
We operate from 8:00 am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
How do I receive messages from The Virtual Call Centre Network?
We forward messages via email or text message, with urgent calls incurring no extra cost. If you like we can even answer certain calls then divert the call to a member of your team.
What if multiple calls come in simultaneously?
We ensure sufficient resources to handle all calls promptly. On average, we exceed a 90% answer rate within 5 seconds.
Why should I switch from diverting calls to my cell phone?

Diverting to cell phones can incur costs, and cell phones are unreliable for handling business calls. With our service, you avoid missed calls and potential business losses.

How do I divert my phones to The Virtual Call Centre Network?
Contact your telecoms provider to activate ‘Call Divert.’
Can The Virtual Call Centre Network handle booking appointments?
Yes, if your business has an accessible online calendar. Provide details like time between appointments, prep time, and travel time for optimized scheduling.
What are the benefits of call handling services?
Our service offers tailored communications support, enhancing customer relations with accurate and immediate responses during busy periods.
Can I afford The Virtual Call Centre Network's services?

Our cost-effective service is more affordable than hiring a full-time staff member. With a monthly packages starting from as little as $280.

About Us

At The Virtual Call Centre Network, our call centre services are seamlessly easy to set up, exceeding your expectations. Our team of highly-trained professional receptionists collaborates closely with you to understand your organization’s unique needs, policies, and procedures. Together, we’ll craft a tailored call script that mirrors your preferred verbiage and tone, ensuring callers have a seamless experience. Contrary to the misconception that call scripts sound overly formal or awkward, our approach is quite the opposite. In many instances, callers are blissfully unaware that they’re speaking with an answering service rather than your in-house employees.

After the initial setup, you have the flexibility to activate coverage on your terms. Whether you’re seeking a business answering service to qualify leads and forward the most promising conversations directly to you, require coverage during nights and weekends, or need comprehensive administrative support for your budding business, rest assured that your experience will be precisely customised to your requirements.

With our transparent pricing structure, you only pay for the actual minutes spent on the phone with callers. Say goodbye to unexpected high bills at the end of the month. 

We believe in empowering you to make informed decisions about your monthly coverage needs. Our services are cost-effective, representing only a fraction of the expenses typically associated with employing an in-house administrative team. We recognize that every call is a chance to connect with potential clients and impress new customers with their experience, making the first impression count.

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